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Best of Uncle's Komik Korner

Uncle's Komiks may contain offensive words. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

That's right kids, the Uncle has been on a break. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy what he has already left behind. This page is a list of my personal favourite Komiks. Word has it that he may make more Komiks soon (maybe this Summer).

If you like the Komiks and want to see more, Comment on them in the guestbook or on the Forums.

If you are a first time viewer to Uncle's Komiks these are definitely some you should check out.

Here they are, the 16 best Komiks in my opinion:
(ordered from best to 'worst')
Click the thumbnail or the text link to open the Komik in a New Window.
Don't forget the Komik numbah you clicked on SON!

  1. Komik06
  2. Komik46
  3. Komik11
  4. Komik36
  5. Komik50
  6. Komik13
  7. Komik14
  8. Komik16
  9. Komik09
  10. Komik23
  11. Komik25
  12. Komik37
  13. Komik51
  14. Komik66
  15. Komik70
  16. Komik07

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