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Albinoblacksheep.com is a collection of funny media and is a pretty popular site. If you don't know about albinoblacksheep then you should check it out RIGHT NOW!
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The daily bull is a great place to get quality movie reviews and really top notch satire articles. If you like theonion.com you should check this site out.
State of oddity.com has a lot to offer, funny games, images and videos. It also has a nice layout, so check it out before I do
Empty Noggin Entertainment gives you some great original Flash Animations and Videos along with some other zaney stuff that is somewhat similar to ours. Check it out and you'll be wanting more lunacy in no time!
Z-Effect.com is emerging to be a great site, check it out son it's pretty good!
Ignite Films is a great site that offers top notch videos, some of which are very crazy; like turning a hood into a sled and pulling it behind a car. So check this site out and be sure to at least watch 'Winter Season' on their reckless section, it's my personal favourite. To check out the Reckless section, click here.
Local-Felons.com is a place where you can find great Jackass-like videos and other video skits. They also have Punk rock Buddy icons for free so go there now FOO!
Perplexing times is a cute little day to day encounter log of Mr. Brendan Alexander.
Find tons of fresh funny jokes, blonde jokes, practical jokes, joke of the day and more such funny stuff at Funnyjoke.net
Everlasting blort is a great blog site, one of the best and most popular with more than one new post a day usually as well.
This is the website of the person who has been made fun of on many accounts on DP.com and he actually has a pretty nice site, worth checking out.

"Whatever you don't expect off the net"
"Why your mother doesn't let you be on the net after 10 p.m."
"Goatse.cx looks like a sunday dinner"

Klymen.com is a pretty cool site with some good videos and some funny pictures pretty much all centered on some of the good times Reza and Andishae have at their University. You should check it out son!
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New-Method.com - Calgary Graphic Artist - Paul Townsend
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