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Chevette Power!!! NWS

Don't you hate when you have a very powerful vehicle and you pull up beside a "Riced out" car which you could smoke in an instant. The little useless noises are almost as pathetic as putting a normal playing card with a clothes pen on the spokes of a bicycle, or making car noises when you are obviously on a tricycle. Even though I love bicycles and tricycles, I do not love Riced out Vehicles.

It all started on a warm sunny day after my friends and I had done our last exam, which was physics. We had said to ourselves almost every day that we should show the "ricers" up by cruising around in a "riced out chevette." Well, we did just that...

First we Designed our awesome"Nip Tip" which adds about, ooooh i'd say 100 HP. Total horsepower after Nip Tip = about 180 horsepower. We made it out of a hulk cup from 7-Eleven, some paper, and some electrical tape.

After we had designed our perfect Hulk "Nip tip," we thought that to increase the horsepower even more we'd need a hood scoop. The hood scoop required delicate cutting methods of cardboard and a lot of electrical tape. Adding the hood scoop gave us a gain of about 60 horsepower which puts our total up to 240 HP of pure Chevette goodness!

Once we had seen the hood scoop in action there was no question that we had to go one step further and design a spoiler to go with it. As you can see, we made our spoiler out of cardboard as well along with the delicate use of electrical tape. This spoiler is so perfectly designed it provides an increase of 100 HP to the Ultimate Chevette! This brings our total to 340 HP, HOLLY SHIT! Notice the happy faces on the brakes, which are really nifty.

You think that things could not get any better, but we then decided that to make our chevette go just that extra bit faster, we would need NOS to take our car to the limits! The NOS pushes the Chevette to the Extreme! Making an increase of another 200 HP!!! Holly SMOKES 540 HP!!!

If having NOS wasn't enough, we added a Chevy Symbol on the back and GT symbols on the sides with different coloured electrical tape!
Just having those symbols alone means it can go at least 10HP faster than it could before! That brings our total to 550 HP of pure Chevette Power!

Once we had finished modding the car, we went cruisin' and boy oh boy did people point and laugh. Little do they know how much power lies in the mods and how fast this baby can go! :)


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